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how to know if your I.P is secured
You will agree with me that lots of people's
accounts have been hacked,
online accounts banned and lots more all because
their IP is not secured
and safe for browsing.It is not also the fault of
most of us but it has been
as a result of ignorance. But I'm here to enlighten
you a bit on this and
I'm very sure that you will be more secured and
safe online with this enlightenment.
To be sincere and candid with you, the best way
of being safe online is making
use of good IPs through dynamic or static Virtual
Private Network (VPN)
services depending on what one is using it for. As
for me, I prefer using Static
Dedicated VPN IPs because of what I really use
them for online require I stick
to one IP which is also best recommended.
Once or anytime you are assigned/given any IP to
use to access your online
accounts, it is always good to take some time to
get details about it by making
use of some services of which I recommend the
likes of ip2location, whatismyipaddress
and most especially whoer. All one need to do is
type any or all of the websites above
especially whoer into ones browser and checkout
for the IP and status of the DNS, PROXY,
TOR, Anonymizer, Blacklist
and others most
especially the WebRTC which should show
One can as well make use of the comprehensive
blacklist check tool like that of
as you can see in one the screenshots I attach
below checking the blacklist status of my UAE
( Dubai)
IP. Note that the anonymity percentage of your
IP should be from 50 upward and once you have
that and other things are in place, ignore
whatever error like "Serious security and
anonymity fails"
that it is showing.
To cut the long story short, I will implore you to
critically check the screenshots of my USA, UK
and UAE(Dubai) IPs
gotten through VPN service and that of Nigeria
gotten through SMILE 4G network and feel free to
ask me any
question based on any of them. I will be glad
answering your question(s). Thanks

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