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Pay-per-click, Ad Revenue Based Business Opportunity
I recently found a way to earn an alternative
stream of income online by clicking ads and
responding to captchas that ACTUALLY WORKS.
You're paid per click in a transparent way and
you can request your funds at any time with no
minimum withdrawal amount. The system has
been running in it's current form for over a year
now and payouts per click have actually
increased from the equivalent of N15 per click in
July 2016 to N25 per click in July 2017. There
are strict rules on participation to keep out
scammers and frauds and the system is
remarkably clean and straighforward.
Earned funds can be requested via Western Union
Money Transfer, Webmoney and a number of
other online payment solutions and there are
plans to include withdrawals through PayPal
It's completely legal and easy to do, it doesn't
involve Ponzi schemes or cryptocurrencies, selling
or buying any products or multi-level marketing.
You just have to be willing to put in a few hours
of work on the internet to keep your earnings
rolling in. All you require is an functional email
account, internet access, a device capable of
running Google Chrome and one to three hours
everyday to be on your way to earning the
equivalent of $50 a day upwards.
IT IS NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, there is no
hit-and-run here. You will have to do a fair
amount of work to do initially to get the funds
coming in but this can be achieved within a few
days to a month depending on the amount of
work you put in. I'd like to guide you through this
process step by step.
You'll agree that this is great for people who are
currently unemployed or who are looking for an
second source or income. I'd like to share it and
give other people the opportunity to key-in and
cash out as well.
I'm not sure if I will get in trouble with admin for
posting links in this forum but the links are
essential to getting started. To be safe I'd like to
invite you to chat on Telegram where I'll be
administering a group providing guidance and
information to as many people who are
Please DM me to connect on Telegram to get
started. I provide this information completely free
of charge. I'm not asking for recharge cards or
registration fees.

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