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How to make money online using Microworkers
   I have been doing short tasks on microworkers long time ago, and i have got paid by microworkers several time, so i feel its the right time for me to share my LIL experience in Microworkers.
     What is Microworkers and How does it works?
Microworkers is a crowd sourcing genuine website where you can easily make money online. It is a very popular site and generally designed mainly for those who are ready to work and earn money online.
      There are two set of people on Microworkers;
1.  Employers: The employers are those who provide short task for those that are ready to attend to the task and complete them successfully.
2.  Workers: The workers are the people E.g you and i; who are ready to complete the task being given to him/her.
        How can i make money from Microworkers.
Its pretty cool and simple; there are lots of tasks that will be given to you to attend to, you simply choose the one's you are capable of completing according to your personal skills. Before submitting the task you attended to,make sure you submit a proof of completion, after then the employer will the review the task, and if he is satisfied with your work, then he pays. That's how you earn money from Microworkers, you should only choose the task you are capable of completing successfully.

Note: Microworkers has been very good to me right from the beginning even up till his present moment and i will definitely recommend this to those who are willing to earn some extra money online. Microworkers is a very good means of making money online legally.
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