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How to backup files on android phones
You can be as careful as you like in ensuring your phone or tablet isn't lost or stolen, but one day it could simply refuse to turn on. Then you'll lose everything if it isn't backed up. Here's a simple guide on how to back up your Android phone or Android tablet, including how to back up photos, video, app data, contacts and more. (See allAndroid tutorials.) 
While you can purchase third-party apps that promise set-and-forget backup solutions, it's easy enough to back up your Android phone or tablet yourself - and for free. Our screenshots have been taken on an HTC Desire Eye with HTC's Sense UI, so yours may look a little different but the settings will be the same. Also see: Android Advisor
How to back up an Android phone or Android tablet: Back up App data, settings and Google data on Android 
There are a couple of settings within Android that can safeguard some of your important data. Open your Settings menu, then choose Backup & reset. Ensure the option to 'Back up my data' is enabled. This takes care of your app data, Chrome bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings. There's also a setting here to automatically restore any backed up settings and data to a reinstalled app, which will also be useful if you get a new phone or tablet. 
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