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Hacking Tutorial For Beginners
       Are you a beginner who wants to learn hacking but don’t know where to start? If so you are at the right place. Since most of the books and free resources on the Internet are only meant for those who already have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject, they fail to teach hacking for beginners. Therefore, I have decided to come up with this post that gives useful tips for beginners on how to kick start their journey to becoming a hacker.

What are the best steps to Learn Hacking for Beginners?
     Consider the following steps:
Step-1: Begin with the Basics
For beginners who have little or no previous knowledge of hacking, it is always better to start off from the basics. Instead of directlylearning how to hack, you can begin exploring more about topics such as computer networks, network ports, firewalls, common network protocols like IP address, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP etc. along with how each of those stuffs work.
You can also begin to learn more about alternate operating systemsLinux Learning knowledge becomes very much essential in the field of hacking. The more you learn about the basics, the more easy it is to find vulnerabilities and device exploits. Once you develop a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts, you will be in a position to easily understand various hacking techniques that are in practice.

Step-2: Find a Good Source to Start Learning
If one has a fair amount of experience in the field of hacking, there exists so many books and websites that give out technical information on latest vulnerabilities along with possible ways to exploit them. However, for beginners it is hard to find sources that teach hacking right from the basics in a simple and easy to follow manner.
So, I decided to put together all my 10+ years of experience in the field and come up with a book for beginners called Hacking Secrets Exposed which demands no prior knowledge of the topic and is easy for the readers to follow and understand at every step. This book also comes packed with all the necessary fundamental concepts (as mentioned in the step-1) so that readers can find them all at one place. Therefore, I recommend this book for all those beginners who have a dream to start off their journey to becoming a hacker. This is an excellent source of knowledge for all those who have a little or no prior background of hacking. For more information on this book, you can visit this website from the following
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